Generate Electricity Using A Permanent Magnet Generator


Generate Electricity Using a Permanent Magnet Generator

First and foremost when changing your energy source you are saving Power Efficiency Guide Review the environment. There cannot be a better side effect than that! You are converting from using our earth's nonrenewable resources to using the sun as your primary source. An interesting fact I found on the sun is that it actually provides us more energy in a single day than we use all year. Doesn't that make you wonder why we haven't been using solar energy all along?

Not only are you working alongside with the environment, but you are saving yourself some money as well. A solar panel grid starts to die down after ten years of use. I know I know that is not exactly something you want to hear. Until I tell you that it pays for itself with all the money you are saving in just six years! That leaves you with at least four years of money that you would have normally spent on an electric bill. We can all relate to high energy bills and I know we could all use a break these days.


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