Timing Is One Of The Keys To Success


Timing is One of the Keys to Success

Just as the earth moves through cycles of Maximum Productivity death and rebirth, so do you. Everyday! There is the death of the personality or the controlling ego, death of the limited self or the death of negative beliefs. We are constantly cycling through our limitations and fear until we have learned valuable lessons and are ready for the next stage of our life.

Instead of viewing life as linear we can shift our thinking and view life as spherical. Then we can see that everything progresses in cycles and so do our life patterns. Imagine 7 spheres or bubbles sitting on top of each other. Now each sphere symbolizes a cycle of growth in your life. You are here to spiral up from one sphere of experience to another. Each sphere represents a completely new lifestyle, a new way of being as you spiral up in awareness and awaken to an expanded sense of self.

Within the first sphere you can imagine a life of drama, anger, pain, suffering, and the fear of the unknown. Now each sphere becomes transparent and we can now see energy swirling around inside. This energy represents the vibrations of fear as I mentioned. Before you can experience anything greater than where you are, you need to experience all the life lessons this state of mind brings. This can be challenging if we are not aware of our behavior or patterns.




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