Factors Success - Are You Interested Or Commuted To Be A Millionaire


Factors Success - Are You Interested Or Commuted to Be a Millionaire

Unfortunately, due to the lack of understanding of the The Eastern Keys process of obtaining success there are some who give up on their dreams during their struggle with attempting to reach their goal. When you look up some of the synonyms equated with success you will most likely find words such as victory, triumph, achievement, and realization. Each of these words has something in common. These words urge one to open their eyes to see the lights in the tunnel that are there to guide you through each challenge. To assist you with your journey towards success, I gift you with five lights for you to see the beginning of your diamond journey, the five "w's" and one "h" of success. What? Who? Why? When? Where? and How?

What is success? Success is whether you feel as though you have accomplished a goal that you have set for yourself. Some may look at materialistic gain as reaching ultimate success in life. Having big houses, fancy cars, money, and being able to spend freely. While on the other hand, to others, success might be spiritual gain. Just being able to become one with the creator, having a spiritual relationship with the creator, or being able to help others is enough for them. To sum it up, success is in the eyes of the successor.



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