Horse Racing


Horse Racing

Taking the last five meetings from Wolverhampton, below The Balay System are the horse with the highest 'WTF' rating that is, where did they come from in the races run over distances up to and including 1 mile 1 furlong 103 yards.There are a number of ways to improve your own handicapping and money making ability. By making slight changes to the way you view horse racing, these tips will guide you down the path of becoming a more insightful bettor.Focus on one track - By learning as much as you can about a single track, you will be narrowing your focus. This will allow you to discover more details and nuances regarding that track. Things like track biases, individual jockey's strengths and weaknesses, and the talents and specialties of certain trainers will become clear for you as the meet progresses.

Study class - On a horse's past performance chart, the type of races that were previously run can illuminate some of the mystery of which horse is best to bet on. To give an extreme example, if a horse was a consistent threat in a stakes race yet never won, when that horse drops down to an allowance race, the stakes horse has a clear advantage over other horses, even winners, if those other horses ran in lesser-valued races. The horse that has the most class has the best odds of winning simply because it used to running in faster races.



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