Best Free Blogging Platforms

Best Free Blogging Platforms

Best Free Blogging Platforms

Blogging is about writing, which also includes embeddedvideos, audio, photos, etc. It is true enough that the written part is the main basis of blogging and the pictures and videos are all the add-on bonuses. There are several platforms on the Internet that allow people to create a free web page or create a free blog. Since having a corporate website is an increasingly important need for any business, this helps the small entrepreneurs who are just beginning their commercial activity. There are some tools or online platforms that will allow people to have a free online presence, business or professional venture.

Though there are several options available to create free blog online, two of the most popular websites to host a free blog are WordPress and BlogSpot.

(a) WordPress is probably the most common, and is a great skill to know as it is often integrated into the websites and blogs of many businesses.It is easy to use and allows users to have their own site or blog with a very professional appearance, thanks to an incredible number of predesigned templates that can be installed for free from its own theme repository. The best features of WordPress is it can offer the user SEO positioning issues in search engines.

(b) BlogSpot or is run by Google, and extremely easy to use and with a little programming skill a user can create an entirely new blog page. It is SEO friendly and connects with other Google brand products like Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, etc.

(c) There are other options for Free blog website like Tumblr, Medium, Squarespace, etc.

Therefore, a user can look into these platforms and create a blog on their own with relative ease and minimal effort.

This is all about some Best Free blog sites that you should look into.


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