A Vacation Like Never Before- Treasure Point Vacation

A vacation like never before- Treasure Point Vacation

A vacation like never before- Treasure Point Vacation

A vacation is always a relief as it provides the much-awaited break from regularly scheduled life that is timelined and requires executing deadlines every now and then. A holiday is that energy booster that is always a welcome relief. If you are looking for a beach holiday destination, for a recess from the mundane life then Treasure Point can an absolutely stunning destination. Located in El nido palawan resorts It is a beachfront community of over 10+ hectare private space. El nido beach resort have been named as the world’s best island that offers a truly indulgent tropical escape. In fact, El Nido Palawan resorts can be the ideal beach vacation that provides signature 5-star beach resort experience.

What visitors can expect from the resort-

The place is full of surprises and activities. Here Vacation owners can enjoy from outstanding panoramic ocean views of 180-degree to secret beaches, marine wildlife, limestone cliffs, and the fascinating island lifestyle and secret rivers to surf and do different water activities and sports. From courts to the sands, Treasure Point vacation is filled with adventurous activities. The special benefits offered by the all-inclusive vacation packages are the special like an exquisite thrilling and luxurious experience; there is Complimentary Handmade Beach Bag with Personal Gifts that are given to the guests on arrival. El Nido resorts also provide 24-Hour Private, In-Room Dining and Room Service, also Beach VIP Concierge and Pool Services are available along with round airport transfers. Facilities like Mini Bar with Soft Drinks, Bottled Water and Beer are available and these are Refreshed Daily. The impressive over the water villas communicate a devoted relationship to the Sea Throughout its special all including holiday packages ownership concept. So pack your bags and indulge in the journey of creating memories.


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