New Land Rover Defender – Above And Beyond


New Land Rover Defender – above and beyond

The excitedly anticipated cutting edge Land Rover Defender is to finish the last period of field testing with the Tusk Trust, on the area in Kenya. An uncommonly disguised Defender model will encounter life at the Borana Conservancy as a component of Land Rover's 15-year association with Tusk Trust.

The model will tow overwhelming burdens, swim through streams and convey supplies crosswise over the unforgiving landscape in a progression of certifiable preliminaries at the 14,000-hectare hold. When the new Defender makes its open presentation in the not so distant future, it will have breezed through more than 45,000 individual tests in the absolute most extraordinary situations on earth. Land Rover specialists have stepped through the exam armada to the 50-degree warmth of the desert, the sub-40-degree cold of the Arctic, just as up to 10,000ft height of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to guarantee the new Defender will take a regular day to day existence in its walk, for even its most brave clients.

With on-street elements sharpened at the Nürburgring office in Germany and off-road accreditations tried on the sloppy streets of East nor, UK, the rough trails of Moab in Utah, and the sand rises of Dubai, the new 4×4 guarantees to bring unmatched broadness of capacity and new degrees of solace and drivability to the Defender family. The new Defender has been structured and created in the UK, however, will be worked at Land Rovers as of late opened cutting edge fabricating office in Nitra, Slovakia.

"Notwithstanding the broad reenactment and apparatus testing, we've driven new Defender 1.2 million kilometers over all territories and in extraordinary atmospheres to guarantee that it is the hardest and most fit Land Rover at any point made," said Nick Rogers, Executive Director Product Engineering, and Jaguar Land Rover. "The inconceivable chance to put it under a magnifying glass in the field, supporting tasks at the Borana Conservancy in Kenya, with Tusk, will enable our architects to check that we are meeting this objective as we enter the last period of our improvement program."

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