Top 3 Destinations To Visit From Dubai In A Rental Car


Top 3 Destinations to Visit from Dubai in a Rental Car

While Dubai is stacked with spots to see and experience, puts around Dubai are similarly entrancing. Simultaneously, given the separation between them, it is truly not achievable to visit those spots in a taxi or some other elective open Car. Rather, a Car rental works out to be the most practical choice.

Thusly, on this page, we share a portion of the spots that you can without much of a stretch visit in your car rent around Dubai.

Abu Dhabi

140 kilometers south of Dubai is Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. With such a great amount to see and involvement in Abu Dhabi, this is a drive you will especially appreciate in your car lease, particularly given the superb network between the two urban communities. The Sheik Zayed mosque, for instance, is one of the most respected mosques in the entire world. Just visiting this mosque would merit the drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Besides, with the UAE government based here and a significant part of the managerial work occurring from Abu Dhabi, any official errand may require a trek down to Abu Dhabi.

Yas Island

An island in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island has its very own appeal and attractions which make it independent as a traveler goal, well beyond Abu Dhabi itself. For example, it has its own Marina Circuit where Formula One races are held including Abu Dhabi's one of a kind Grand Prix. Ferrari World is another real fascination that ought not to be missed when visiting Yas Island. The quickest rollercoaster on the planet, the Formula Rossa, can be found at Ferrari World.

Yas Water world is another real fascination of Yas Island as is Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi which has its very own themed attractions including Gotham City, Cartoon Junction, and Warner Bros. Court to give some examples.

Finally, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is another must-visit Yas Island attraction.


A short 30 minutes’ drive north from Dubai is Sharjah broadly considered as the social capital of the UAE. Besides, as the third biggest city of the UAE, Sharjah has a ton on offer to guests.

Gold Souq in Sharjah, for example, draws customers by the droves. At that point, there is Mahattah Fort which is a noteworthy vacation destination in Sharjah. During the ends of the week (particularly) you will discover people from everywhere throughout the city relaxed strolling along Rolla Square. Inside Sharjah, a visit to the Sharjah National Park is regarded significant, just like an excursion to Sharjah Aquarium. At that point, there is Al Noor Island alongside Al Majaz Waterfront – both charming treks in and around Sharjah.


Outfitted with a rental Car from Speedy Drive, you can without much of a stretch take off from Dubai to numerous close-by attractions, including to neighboring emirates, for example, Abu Dhabi (and Yas Island inside it) just as Sharjah.

Rent a Car Sharjah with us and we will make sure that your time in the UAE is worth the money and effort. In renting a car with us you have options on board, you can choose Rent a Car Sharjah Monthly, opt for a Car Lease or just seek our cheap car rent option. You can opt for the brand that you want with price and category of your choice. You have the options to add pick-up and drop-off locations. All we want is that you enjoy your trip to the UAE. Get more discounts by booking Car Lease Sharjah and enjoy your trip in UAE.


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