An Overview On Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirements


An Overview on Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirements

GTE or Genuine Temporary Entrant is not something which is unknown for those who are struggling for a student visa to Australia. The country is a home of world’s best universities and colleges. Courses are customized according to the current demands and are commenced under the guidance of talented professors. Australian visa authority demands for CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) and GTE report along with the visa application. Both come under the eligibility requirements.

So what is GTE?

It is a requirement for integrity assessment to ensure that applicants are coming to Australia for temporary period to gain a quality education rather than to gain a residency in the country. The Home Affairs of Australia will assess your personal circumstances to learn whether you are a genuine temporary entrant.

Expectations with GTE

Present your case precisely and with honesty. The Home Affairs department needs a written statement that reflects reasons for coming in Australia. Avoid unsupported reasoning and don’t copy someone else GTE because circumstances and reasons of everybody are not the same. Don’t try to hide anything.

GTE needs your commitment to return back to your home nation after completion of the course. Provide your economic situation, describe about your family, and political unrest if any.

You will have to explain why you have chosen Australia and the University of the Country instead of other countries. Don’t forget to include the courses you have enrolled in or intending to enrol. In case, you have a gap in your previous study, explain the reason. If you are inside Australia or working, you will have to provide evidence that favour your stay in the country.

Your GTE statement will consider incomplete without submitting documents as evidence. 

You are required to include a list of career opportunities that you would be eligible after completion of the program. As evidence, you can use employment websites and company websites.


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