That's A Really Good Build


That's a really good build

I have been enjoying since 2K13 but I've never been that great of a participant. My starter players've never played with this awful in 2k16,17,18,19 and 20. . Mostly wide open shots... and this was on 2K MT allstar not even thinking to proceed at the rec center. .

The only other 2K I played before 2K20 was 2K13 and that has been on PC. But this is a completely different level using a completely different mechanic. I did ok in the demo and at the quickgames with the brand new shooting meter but can not hit the side of a barn here.Genuinely shooting 2/16 within an offline triple threat game on only layups and 1 available jumpshot that airballed on slightly early.

Yeah, I almost have a feeling they'll change this. 2k might realize if largely everyone does not have pro dribble moves that the game will look and feel extremely slow.That slashing playmaker is the one! I made mine to get lock takeover as an option, but I am trapped between that and slashing since I really like to play defense.I made a 6'9 one which gets 22/1/13/22. I was going for a Shawn Kemp type of player and I think I got what I had been going for.

That's a really good build

Definitely got what you were going for Buy NBA 2K Coins. Its a crazy fun build also. I opted for 10 playmaking badges this time around so I can place a lil more stats in shield since I made my guy shorter, but made you just like yours at 20 plus it might do it all and catch figures together with the finest of em.That's what I have already been using and I was sad when I noticed that yellow/red no more gets contact dunks. I'm rocking a two way finisher red/blue.


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