I've Sadly Been All To Aware Of This Cancerous Facet Of Societal


I've sadly been all to aware of this cancerous facet of societal

I am so confused Animal Crossing Bells why do black people want segregation!? Didn't Martin Luther king jr struggle to eliminate it? I'm so confused. Is this Twitter Twitter again?This is this a naive statement. Twitter is made of real people along with a tweet with sufficient likes and retweets is often enough to have impacts in real life. Countless people have been"cancelled" after someone posted some shit on Twitter and it blew uprecently a single person stating that a villain in Assassin's Creed Valhalla having a scar on their face was"ableist" was sufficient to make Ubisoft apologize and change that portion of the game, there are tons of other examples of how twitter has had an effect on actual life.

Ignore what the meat of every guide may be about, the point is there are many people (and much more worryingly, many popular books ) who are pushing for black-only distances with the rationale that black people are so oppressed they need safe spaces without whites in them (because apparently they are so mentally weak they literally cannot handle the sight of a white man, yay, empowerment).

I've sadly been all to aware of this cancerous facet of societal justice/woke civilization for decades now and I remember 6 or so years ago (if"SJWs" were the rage and the worst thing woke culture had generated thus far) people laughing at people worrying about the trend of woke discourse spreading more and more.

"They are Cheap Animal Crossing Items just college kids, you invest too much time on the internet and watch this all the time, ordinary people don't feel that, it is not gont affect society whatsoever" they said.


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