We Should Boycott Madden NFL 21


We should boycott Madden NFL 21


By not releasing promos within this period that was down they've left a great deal of Mut 21 coins money on the table this season. Folks would have purchased more packs. Final variant upgrades, position heroes, blockbusters or 4th of July. Baffling a business has addicts is not putting out more information. If I were a high up at EA since the group is sand, I would be pissed. Perhaps there were reductions or capital restrictions we don't know about and that is caused the absence of content but should they still have the resources it does not make sense to shut the game down so early.

Ultimate teams (fifa and madden) are their cash cows. I really don't know how they don't place behind the item. I am an analyst for a living - it doesn't take much to see there's a need for more content. We screaming like Philip Fry to'take our cash' and they sit quiet. Mad to make that cash on the table.

We should boycott Madden NFL 21

After playing Mut for the previous 4 decades and seeing its decline I'm not purchasing Madden NFL 21 and I think that the remaining people that complain should not buy it the sole way EA will mend its bullshit is if we as a community affect their bottom line. I fr am not going to purchase Madden NFL 21 I do not judge if a few of you do but later this season I won't purchase it, the sporadic moments of elation aren't worth the hours of disappointment.

The tryhards will need to quit spending 100s of bucks. (Spoiler: they won't.) I take pride not providing some excess cash they don't deserve to EA. Individuals can say let's boycott all they need but theres still going to be enough people that invest a literal shit load with this particular game to make up for all of the copies not purchased. It is not gonna make a difference. This mindset is the reason shit won't alter and EA will last to ngaf concerning the communities complaints. It's the truth though. I would like for ea to fix their shit but together with the amount of money people spend nothing is going to change.

Downvote me to hell if you would like but you need to understand this is never gonna work. There is 60,000 members in this sub and less that are really active. They sell millions of copies of the game every year and they're gonna double up next year using the new consoles coming out. You can try to get as many people to boycott because you want but you will never affect their bottom line and several individuals have no issue with this game since they buy it to have fun and cheap Madden 21 coins perform sometimes. Maybe if people stopped putting madden on a pedestal and simply took it for what it's supposed to be this sub wouldn't be full of nonstop negativity.


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