Sterilize Your Kitchen Knife And Create The Safest Food For Your Guests With New KNIFEGUARD Knife Sterilizers


Sterilize your kitchen knife and create the safest food for your guests with new KNIFEGUARD Knife sterilizers

Restaurants and hotel businesses impacted hugely with Covid 19 and people are still worried about having dinner anywhere outside. To make the hotel business and food joints safe and hygienic Washmatic India has now introduced KNIFEGUARD Knife Sterilizer.

Knife Sterilizer is one of the innovative products to make the food business safe and hygienic for people visiting. Restaurants are the most visited places and it has to be safe, attractive, cozy, and relaxing for all family members. It is also necessary that hotels look appealing to your guests and they should find it as clean and safe.

If you are among those who are planning to reopen your hotel / restaurant for guests then buying a Knife sterilizer is an important decision to make. It is generally believed that adding high-class accessories and gadget can not only bring more magnificence and glamour to the food outlet but it also enhances the trust of your customers.

Why KNIFEGUARD Knife sterilizer is important?

It is one compact gadget with an Overall Size of 400*150*600 mm and has a capacity to hold15 knives. It makes your hotel kitchen look elegant as it consists of double-walled construction with a brushed finish exterior and mirrorinteriors and a smoked plexiglass door. Hotels nowadays are encouraging open kitchens that bound staff to make their kitchen area clean and hygienic and a knife sterilizer is one kitchen gadget that every hotel should have.

The knife sterilizer is a sophisticated appliance with a Soft closing door of high quality smoked acrylic and an attractive removable see-through knives holder. No need to rotate the knives, thanks to its all-round sterilization technique.

The manufacturer“Washmatic India Pvt Ltd”tend to innovate new things that may assist youin doing business with great ease. It is one of the best products with Philips make UVC 254nm (germkill) UVC lamps for maximum effect. It is also equipped with a door safety switch which switches off UV lamps on opening the door.

The knife sterilizer has many more features like

  • One-touch on/ off switch with 120 Minute timer
  • Made from 100% stainless steel.
  • Removable power cord
  • Easy to hang keyholes
  • Soft closing door
  • See through door
  • CE and ISO9000 certifications

Technology is providing great help to people and they can control their daily routine in a much better way. Washmaticis identified for giving top qualityproductsthat maybuild your daily activities of preparationeasy and fast.They have givena large of productsfrom dishwashers to sterilizers. If you're trying to find some reasonable choices for appliances then you'll likeWashmatic products. They are known for providing innovative, prime quality merchandise, and the products are extremely famous across India and the world.

Contact Details

Washmatic India Pvt Ltd

A2 Shopping centre, Naraina Industrial Area phase 2, Naraina New Delhi – 110028

Phone – +91 8800023044



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