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How to Ship From China to Amazon FBA

If you need to get your products to an Amazon Fulfillment Centre (FBA), So that the order reaches its prime users in guaranteed two days delivery. To perform this task, there are essentially two ways of going about it.


Just as it sounds, this method sends your productdirectly right from China to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre. But there are a few steps involved that includes filling in of the details and all the paperwork.

This process can be one or two week faster, cheaper and more convenient. It can free up your time to spend on other areas for boosting your Amazon business. But looking at the other side, you will not get the chance to inspect your products for material and quality before handing them off to shipping. It will probably create difficulties for shipping to multiple fulfilment centres.


You can go about it in a couple of different ways with this option. The first option is to order items directly to your working location, and then you can handle its shipping to a fulfilment centre by whichever method you want to. The second option is to get a logistics company to handle this process for you by receiving the items and then sending them to the warehouse. The first option gives the most control in your hands and will save you money, but it also gives more work on your part to get everything sorted out. Going with a logistics company means you can stay secured for almost everything since the company are pros in receiving, storing, handling, shipping and the paperwork.

You can use carriersand since the items are notgoing directly to Amazon, you will have theopportunity to stop broken items or poor quality items from going to buyers and check to ensure that the products match their descriptions.


Today China is no longer a rising superpower country in the ecommerce world. It has already reached that place and cemented its mark as one of the leading choices for most of the suppliers and manufacturers. It is a great place to source products from but as we know the process of getting products to Amazon FBA isn’t always easy, fast or simple. But there is always an expert to trust. Let an expert automaton do the work for you and take you to the next level. China freight forwarder is the one you can trust with your shipping needs whether you want shipping from china to UK.


We provide reliable, cost-effective logistics services to companies with unique shipping needs.We understand how difficult managing an e-commerce business can be. We are invested in fully understanding the specific nature of your business to accurately meet your needs.

Our professional team will manage the entire process for shipment and ensure the product is received by FBA in an affordable, efficient and seamless manner. We aim to make the process easier for shipping to FBA.



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