I Want Serious Information About RuneScape


I want serious information about RuneScape

Magic (I really like training it). Mining ( I really wish to buy 70, and RuneScape gold maybe 85 someday). Smithing (Really hard, but can be an exceptional source of cash). Combat stats (assault, strength and defense, for my general battle ). Runecrafting (I understand its high enough for a F2P account, but it makes playing G.O.P. easier( and is fantastic for cash). Fishing (For utilizing swordie gloves eventually). Ranging (I have nothing against that range, it is just that it does not appeal to me as much). If anybody has methods they would be willing to share with a fellow player, I would be very grateful.

Hi once again. I want serious information about Dragon slayer pursuit. My main acc from the game is Vilnietiz2. I'm missing 5 quest points, but will do this with all the Ernest the Chicken. Currently I'm f2p person. The problem is, I am gonna to perform Dragon Slayer. My problem is my weakness. I can train on very low enemis. Commonly these are lvl 9-19-21 guards of al-Kharid, Falador and Varrock. I can withstand duel with hill giants. However, when I experience White knights, I confront the problem they do strike me and create sufficient damage (around 5 hp at one hit). Tried to duel with ice cubes (due to their falls ) - the bigger problem, they struck quite severely.

Consequently, if enemy that is equal to me, causes severe difficulties, meeting with enemy nearly twice as powerfull, would be tragedy. Elvarg devoured me. This time I will not fail. That's why I need an severe advice. I've got some options: 1) leave everything but protection. Teach protection to Elvarg level (that can be 83). It should not bother me if my hit would be 10 - if I'm fine to dragon's attack, it's ok. 2) abandon anything but strenght. In my top hit is not 11, but, say, 20 - I will complete evil dragon earlier and save on defense. 3) train all in equivalent levels and reach at least all 70s: att 70, str.70, def 70. The top is 83, though it may take a little moment. At any other option -where should I train? At top?levels (like 80s) I may own cocroaches both because of xp and fall. However, what about low level, such as poor 50?

I am going to pest control into 99 prayer, Which is 43k points. But I need assistance! I need to listen to some activites to do while PC. This will take quite a while and I'm making weekly programs (a task while I pc) Ironic... I figure out if I'm gonna PC whilst PCing. I am good at Doing so mindlessly and will only get better at it. Allow me to hear what you do or what I must do in order to keep a fair mind whilst doing this.

List so far. I bought DBZ time 1 to watch while I PC (900 minutes) and will be getting the others soon. Films. Go online forums. Play different games which are one click then paused (so I can keep looking at runescape) I really should know some games liek this guys, Please I want to know. Work out- its do able. What I can not do: Read a novel. Do assignments. Talk to OSRS buy gold individuals via telephone -- thats challenging.


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