Check And Fix Post Printer Quality Continues On 3800 HP Printer


Check and Fix Post Printer Quality Continues on 3800 HP Printer

The 3800 is one of HP's best printers that gives the best and clearest sharp text on documents, but there are times when there are poor quality problems that waste resources. To solve poor print quality, you can seek the help of experts through HP Officejet pro 3800 printer support number 1-800-673-8163. On the other hand, you can also try to fix the problem on your own using the methods outlined below, but before trying the steps of resolution, it is necessary for you to fall behind the issue of poor print quality. To find out the exact reason

Check the causes and fixes for poor print quality issues on your pro 3800 -

There are several reasons behind the occurrence of poor print quality output on HP printers and one of them is insufficient or low volume of black cartridges. Another reason that can lead to poor print quality is its cartridge, or it may be possible that there is some use of the wrong paper.

How to troubleshoot poor quality of HP printer-

Method 1: Remove or replace the printer cartridge:

A clear indicator of low print quality is the level of ink or toner in a cartridge. If the printer indicates a low ink level or there is a stain on the paper, try removing and replacing the cartridge.

First you have to turn on the printer.

Now, you place the ink cartridge slot according to the pro 3800 which you can easily find on the cartridge slot.

Also, you have to lift the lid and then reach the cartridge. Once you complete the process, try releasing the cartridge and removing it.

If there is a problem or problem with the cartridge, you must now verify. If the printer displays a low ink message or it shows any signs of damage, then you just need to replace the cartridge with the new one. If the ink is still sufficient, reinstall the cartridge carefully.

Finally, run a test print and check if the printer is working.

Method2: Allow the printer to rest:

There are times when continuous or excessive use of the printer causes poor print problems. If you are printing continuously from your printer, allow it to rest for at least 30–45 minutes. Turn it off and wait until it reaches ideal or cool condition.

If none of the above workarounds help you fix the problem, HP Officejet pro 3800 printer Drivers service via our HP Officejet pro 3800 printer helpline number 1-800-673-8163. Here, you will get a quick solution to the problems encountered on your HP printer. Apart from this, you can also officials in case of any doubt or query. Visit For more information-

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