Top 30 Advantages Of Study MBBS In Philippines


Top 30 Advantages of Study MBBS in Philippines

  1. Advantages of MBBS in the Philippines

There are many advantages of study MBBS in Philippines.


  1. Necessary for High-Class Education

MBBS is a highly sophisticated degree and it should be done only from a university or college that can provide all the facilities necessary for high-class education.


  1. Philippines Is Approved by the WHO

The universities providing medical education in the Philippines are approved by the world-renowned WHO (World Health Organisation).


  1. Universities are Listed ECFMG and IMED

There are 2 more entities with which the universities are listed. These are ECFMG (the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) and IMED (International Medical Education Directory).


  1. Medical Programs Internationally Recognized

The universities in the Philippines offer medical programs that are internationally recognized.


  1. International Examination Related

The students can appear in an international examination related to the medical field USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination).


  1. The English Language Is Primary Language

The usage of the English language in the Philippines makes the medium of education simple and understandable.


  1. Awkwardness Discomfort in a Foreign Country

The students do not have the feeling of awkwardness discomfort in a foreign country because everybody speaks in English.


  1. Extra Money or Hidden Charges

Universities in the Philippines do not charge any extra money or hidden charges in the name of the fee structure.


  1. Donation to Getting Admission

You also do not have to give any kind of donation to get admission to any university in the Philippines.


  1. Universities Approved by MCI

All the universities offering medical education in the Philippines are approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India).


  1. Safety to all Indian Students

It provides safety to all the Indian students so that they can study over there easily.


  1. Degree Is Recognized Internationally

The degree offered by the universities in the Philippines is recognized internationally.


  1. Students to Get A Job or Operate

There will be no problem for the students to get a job or operate as an entrepreneur in any part of the world.


  1. Recognized by World-Renowned Entities

The universities are recognized by world-renowned entities and the registration details can be cross-checked on the websites or relevant portals.


  1. Philippines Welcoming International Students

The society of the Philippines is completely safe and the people over there are welcoming to the international students.


  1. Co-Operative Attitude of the Classmates

They can be easily adjusted to the atmosphere of the following country because of the co-operative attitude of the classmates and the people in the neighborhood.


  1. Finding Places for Accommodation

The students do not find any problems in finding places for or their accommodation.


  1. International Level of Infrastructure

The fee structure of the universities providing medical education with the international level of infrastructure is manageable for the students of all the countries.


  1. Scholarship Programs Offered by Universities

There are various scholarship programs offered by universities, other equivalent entities, or government institutions.


  1. Staff Members are Highly Qualified

All the professors, assistant professors, lecturers, and other staff members are highly qualified.


  1. Assignments Regularly and Frequently

The students are given assignments regularly and frequently. There a regular doubt solving sessions for the students.


  1. Furnished Laboratories and Libraries

The laboratories and libraries are well furnished academically.


  1. Accommodation Cost of Living in the Philippines

The accommodation cost of living in the Philippines is not much expensive as compared to other developing or developed countries offering medical education.


  1. Students Belonging to Middle-Class Families

This is one of the most important concerns for the students belonging to middle-class families all over the world.


  1. Majority of the Students from Middle-Class Families

The fact is the majority of the students are from middle-class families only.


  1. Avail Education at Nominal Rates

Therefore it is necessary to avail of education at nominal rates.


  1. Management of the Universities

This is clearly and easily understood by the top management of the Universities in the Philippines.


  1. Advantages of MBBS in Abroad

So, after knowing all these advantages, you can study MBBS in abroad without any worries.


  1. Other Destination than the Philippines

Study MBBS in Georgia is another best option for Indian students after the Philippines.



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