FSD India - Renovating India The Modern Way


FSD India - renovating India the modern way

Planning a commercial office or a hospitable place is not easy. It requires a carefully thought out plan and needs designing and innovation. You also have to ensure the comfort, safety, and various standard practices that apply to your industry.

If you want to build a hospital or a hotel or a restaurant for example, then you will need to hire planners, engineers, and interior decorators to ensure that the ambience of your commercial space is built in a way that looks attractive while also ensuring that you meet the efficiency and safety standards. FSD India is a consulting company that provides all types of consulting ideas for designing and constructing commercial food spaces. For example, you can hire FSD India as a restaurant consultant.


FSD India is a world-class solution provider and consulting company that provides facilitiesplanning ideas and hospitality consultant for planning commercial spaces like restaurants, kitchens, cafeterias, lounges, hospitals canteens, etc.

You can hire an experienced hotel consultant from FSD India. With them, you can get the most unique and efficient ideas on how to plan and design the space in the best way possible.

Do you own a restaurant? Hire the best restaurant planners today

If you have to design the interior of a restaurant including the seating area and the kitchen, then you can hire a personal restaurant consultant who will provide you with the best design and innovative ideas.

And if you own a commercial kitchen then you have the expertise of some of the best planners from our commercial kitchen segment. They will guide you on the entire scheme from buying the best equipment thru ensuring food safety standards to decorating your place. 

Hiring a commercial kitchen planner is mandatory if you want to ensure hassle-free work.

Design the lobby area of your hotel exquisitely to provide ultimate comfort and luxury to your guests

If you have a hotel chain then you have to design in the best way possible. And for this, you can try out hiring a dedicated hospitality consultant from FSD India.

They will make sure that everything is planned from A to Z in case you are arranging an accommodation room for posh guests, celebrities, and VIPs.

In case you are hosting a corporate party, or a seminar or any other gathering then making sure the best hospitality for your guests is your most important priority.

Hire the company's F&B consultants for your designing your kitchen area

If you want to arrange a party or a high end corporate event then you can hire one of our dedicated F&B consultants and take advice from them on how to design the food serving area. They will guide you on how to manage people making sure that the buffet area is hospitable for your guests. Each kitchen consultant working on behalf of the company will provide you guidance that is in line with the industry standards and food safety protocols.

Company details-

FSD India Pvt. Ltd.


A-2, 3rd floor, shopping centre,

Naraina Industrial Area, Phase II,

New Delhi- 110028

Contact- +91 97172 88853



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