Features Of MBBS In Russia


Features of MBBS in Russia

  1. Russia Is an Ideal Choice

Study MBBS in Russia is an ideal choice, but their seats cannot be secured by meeting the eligibility criteria.

  1. Universities are Approved and Accredited by WHO

These universities are approved and accredited by the WHO (World Health Organization).

  1. Cost of Living Is Cost-Effective

The country attracts international students because its cost of living is cost-effective, and the tuition of Russian MBBS is worth it.

  1. Universities or Colleges are Eligible to Take Exam

Students graduating from Russian universities or colleges are eligible to take all licensing exams.

  1. Universities Accredited by MCI and WHO

All universities in Russia are accredited by MCI (Medical Council of India) and approved by the WHO (World Health Organization).

  1. No Need to Take an Entrance Exam

Since there is no need to take an entrance exam, medical aspirants can directly get MBBS admission in any university in Russia.

  1. Develop the National Education Level

As the Russian government takes the initiative to develop the national education level, the government is providing education subsidies.

  1. University Campus and Feed on Fresh

Students will get well-equipped dormitory facilities on the university campus and feed on fresh, high-quality food.

  1. World-Class Education on an Affordable Budget

Universities or colleges also provide world-class education on an affordable budget.

  1. Get a Seat Due to Fierce Competition

Russian MBBS is very suitable for those who want to study MBBS in India but cannot get a seat due to fierce competition.

  1. Cost of Living Is Extremely Low

Compared with different countries such as the United States, Canada, and Germany, the cost of living is extremely low.

  1. Language of Instruction Is English

The language of instruction in Russia is English and Russian.

  1. Adapt to the Surrounding Environment

It makes it easier for international students to adapt to the surrounding environment.

  1. Provide High-Quality Infrastructure

Russian medical universities such as Far Eastern Federal University provide high-quality infrastructure and world-class technically sophisticated laboratories.

  1. Universities or Colleges are Globally Recognized

All degrees offered by universities or colleges are globally recognized.

  1. Opportunities to Learn Beautiful Languages

Because the country provides students with opportunities to learn beautiful languages, students gain an international perspective.


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