Player Coming To RS3


Player coming to RS3

There is also the appeal of never ending content. I have fun doing this and always can set. Why do people play with some mmo imo my thought process is the opposite that is finished? I mean I play OSRS gold well playing other mmos a great deal of the time. But I'd have to mention it has a variety of content, abilities feel a whole lot more profitable then most mmos, you can do content. Above all else its easy to learn and hard to master. I think the combat is enjoyable in osrs then most other mmos. When you begin performing high end raids in wow, you simply hit 6 different keys.

There is an insane quantity of progression in RS. You hunt to get a bit, got yourself a set of armour after a few hours of dungeons and you also like 95% of the way there. The majority of the development from then on was merely visual e.g. mythical weapons which were actually just a fancy skin. It's not reassuring or very satisfying.

By contract the path to a max powered character in RS is incredibly complex and quite lengthy. There are many stages along how every feel like a major achievement and progress over the past. Consider how it felt to wear a complete set of rune, then wearing your first dragon gear, unlocking the scimmy, barrows gloves. Each step is really a small one in the grand scheme of things but felt huge.

After playing for so long that I could now happily drop directors like Zulrah and Vorkath for 2m/hr, which feels incredible considering for the longest period they had been entirely out of my league. Meanwhile I had been any hundreds of hours after I received my first set of exotic gear.

Player coming to RS3

I understand with OSRS there's an"optimized" route with an order of quests. So my main questions are: Is there a target I should work towards today? Is there a record of items online someplace I need to follow and check off because I move? Is there a particular YouTuber the RS3 universally agrees that has the very best guides/series to see to learn items (Buy RS gold includes a couple ). Any other tips and advice is appreciated as well.


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Player coming to RS3

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