Washmatic India Launches UV30 Conveyor Sanitizer Which Kills 99.99% Germs Including Viruses In 30 Seconds


Washmatic India Launches UV30 Conveyor Sanitizer which kills 99.99% germs including viruses in 30 seconds

As the COVID-19 pandemic has bowled over the entire world, the increase of impermanence and morbidity over a vast geographic area has caused a substantial economic, social and political disruption. Many precautions have been taken whether it is of using the mask, washing hands, sanitization using an alcohol-based hand rub and maintaining social distancing, yet ethical issues have emerged.


It has been said that there is an increasing number of confirmed diagnoses, including healthcare professionals, has established the person-to-person spread of the Covid-19 virus.


As we say safety doesn’t happen by accident, so here Washmatic has undertaken its first-ever UV30 sanitisers recommended by professionals as best Conveyor sanitiser, uv sanitiser, uv sterilization for the daily health workers, employees and also for the household.


The UV30 works skill fully to sanitize products one carry along which has the possibility to spread the virus. It is tested by professionals with a scientific backup which is not at all detrimental and cause no peril to lives. Placing UV30 sanitizers at entrances can sanitize couriers, parcels, groceries, hand bags, keys, mobile phones, wallets and other stuff that we tend to ignore in lieu of safety standards. Also, certified with two weeks of testing, this can kill 99.99% microorganisms in just 30secs and can eliminate these invisible yet invincible agents.


It is the ultimate solution for all the troubles. It’s not only effective but safe for humans. UV30 is an absolute saviour to get rid of the all the microorganisms. It can be used in housing societies, offices, hotels, restaurants, hotels, malls, schools, cinema halls etc.


Our skilled engineers build each product keeping in mind all the essentialities and safety standards. The efficiency of the product is thoroughly checked and go through series of tests to ensure performance and functionality. Washmatic India has always met the standards and delivered best.


Washmatic India Pvt. Ltd. was introduced in the year 2004 in the field of ware washing and hygiene products. It has sales and service network all across the country. The machines are manufactured at the state of art plant in Delhi NCR.


The firm provides complete ware washing and hygiene solutions to its clients through technical teams well versed with Indian working conditions, machine applications etc.

Products are always designed suitable for ongoing demand. As in COVID times, UV30 sanitizers can make sure you break the chain of infection and guarantee safety of self and loved ones.


The product range has 4 models manufactured according to elementary requirement. All these are having a top-notch performance and efficacy. These pass-through UV sanitizers from Washmatic India can level up the safety excellence right from the entrances.

Placing these in hotels, shopping malls, societies can provide harmonious ecosystem and can channelize protection.


The product designers have looked every aspect of comfort to design product that meets all the requirements that too with excellent performance and application. There are models with different dimensions to suit your space and to favour installation without hassle.

The zeal towards providing safe products to market have established us as one of leading manufacturers in the industry. We make sure everything lies at place and satisfy our customers.


Contact +91 8800023044

Email info@washmaticindia.com




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