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Natural Ways to Prevent and Treat Lice - WellBeLabs GmbH

If you have ever had to deal with head lice, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of! With so many chemical treatments, you may have overlooked head lice home remedies, but sometimes these are the most effective. Since lice have grown immune to the chemicals, sometimes it works better to go the old fashioned way. Many parents are discovering that one of the fastest head lice home remedies is to use hand sanitizer. This method is extremely effective: simply soak your child's hair with the hand sanitizer until it is wet, and leave it in. The time to leave in varies depending on who has tried this, but even if not rinsed out, it will dry and leave hair shiny and lice dead. This method also works at loosening nits.

If you have had a recent warning about head lice in your community, you may be tempted to purchase a head lice repellent from your pharmacy. However, these treatments are not always as effective as you might think, and they can prove to be quite expensive.

The truth is, the commercial products claiming to prevent infestations could actually reduce the risk of a possible infestation, but occasionally, some insects can still make a home on a host that is being treated with the said product. After all, kids will be kids. With this in mind, it is far more cost effective to make your own home brewed insect repellent at home. At least if your home made product is not as effective as you hoped, you won't have wasted a lot of money needlessly. Head Lice Repellent Home Remedies

All girls love hairbands! Lice? Not so much! Now there is a hairband that keeps them away. Leeloop is a revolutionary hairband that protects children from lice contamination easily and safely. Thanks to an innovative process that seals in our 100% natural formula (the PhytoClear Complex), Leeloop hairband emits a scent that kids love and lice hate!

Immediately effective in protecting against lice contamination

Proven 95% effective in lice prevention*

Each hairband gives up to two weeks of protection

No pesticides or artificial ingredients – 100% natural

Fun, kid-friendly, extremely easy-to-use. Just wear & go!

Dermatologically tested

The product has been tested by an independent French laboratory. No mammals or humans have been subjected to the test.

Leeloop was born out of seeing two things in a child’s hair – a hairband that brings joy, and lice which cause pain, embarrassment, and inconvenience. Seeing both made us think that there could be a way to use the hairband as a weapon against lice. It took us nearly two years to formulate our 100% natural PhytoClear Complex with the following goals in mind:

We wanted it to smell good

We wanted it to be highly effective in the prevention of lice

We needed to find a way to seal it into the hairband so that it would keep lice at bay over a long period of time.

We were able to succeed at all three, and for a very affordable price.

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