Types Of Child Visas For Australia You Should Know


Types of Child Visas for Australia You Should Know

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Not only is Australia one of the top most places to work and studies but also is an exotic destination in the world to travel around. Australia has complex visa plans that give immigration opportunity to all age group of people. Children can also immigrate to Australia. The country offers different types of child visa plans. Let’s find out the type of visa plan is suitable for you. 

Visitor Visa for Tourists (Subclass 600)

It is the subclass 600 short-term visa plan for adults and children. The visa grants permission to stay in Australia for up to 3, 6, or 12 months as a visitor or to visit family or business visitor purposes.

The subclass 600 visa is granted to younger children below age 18 if you are traveling with your parents. In case, you are traveling alone, then you must provide a statutory declaration allowing you to travel alone. The 1229 consent is a form to grant Australian visa to children under 18. Along with the consent form, it is necessary to submit a certified copy of your guardian’s government-issued identification document with their signature and photographs. You are allowed to live in Australia with your legal guardian. A declaration is signed by the guardian with whom you are living in Australia.

Child Visa (Subclass 101)

The visa allows eligible parents to sponsor their child to live in Australia. Parents are allowed to apply visa on behalf of their children if the child is below 18. Eligibilities for parents are an Australian citizen, the holder of an Australian permanent resident visa, and an eligible New Zealand citizen. The child should be sponsored by his parent or his parent’s partner. He should be single, and younger than 18 or older or between18-25.

It is a permanent residence visa for which they have enough independence. They can travel anywhere in Australia. They work and stay in the country. They are free to enroll in Medicare and can sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence.

A child visa to Sydney has multiple steps. It requires certified copy of the child’s registration showing both parent’s names and several other documents. Contact a reliable visa agency in Austral to get paperwork related assistance. The agency will guide you the type of visa is suitable for you considering your eligibility. Moreover, the agency helps to minimize visa reject possibilities. For children, Australia is always a major attraction for studies. Don’t let off the opportunity.


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