DAMA Labour Agreement- What Should You Know About It?


DAMA Labour Agreement- What Should You Know about It?

Labour agreements are those agreements that signed between the Australian Government and employees. It may take around 6 months to get approval for the agreement. Once the agreement gets approval, it is in effect for 5 years. After that employees can extend the agreement that has some other process. Labour agreements have five different types. All of them are important. One of the common is DAMA labour agreements. Employers submit the labour agreement to the government for review. It should be to the point and focused. Taking help from an expert company will be beneficial in many ways.   

Temporary Skills Shortage Visa

The visa falls under the subclass 482. It is a work visa that takes 35-60 days for approval. Under the DAMA, the visa allows companies to sponsor the required skilled applicant. If you have applied for International Trade Obligation, the visa plan can stretch up to 4 years. The visa plan was introduce in 2019. Now, it is one of the best ways for Australian employers to hire overseas workers. The validity of the visa is 2 years in most occasions. However, it is crucial to understand streams for this. If your occupation makes you eligible under the short-term stream, then the validity of the visa is for 2 years. If your occupation makes you eligible under the medium-term stream, the TSS visa validity is granted for 4 years. If your occupation is in the Occupation Skilled Occupation List, your TSS visa will approve else not. You should have the relevant skills and qualification for your occupation. You must satisfy the DHA requirements for health and character.

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Programs

It is the subclass 186 visa plan that allows employers (DAMA approved) to hire overseas employees. It is a permanent residency visa plan for skilled workers. Applicants can apply for these visas while living and work in Australia. They can also apply for it while living outside Australia. An Australian employer nominates applicants for the visa. Unlike TSS visa plan, the ENS visas give applicants more flexibility. Holders can work anywhere in Australia where they like. It is not mandatory for the applicants to work for the same company for the entire life that has sponsored them. They can work for other companies after some time. These visas have two streams. The Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) Stream and the Direct Entry Stream have different criteria.


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