Learning The Shaman Techniques From Academy


Learning the Shaman Techniques from Academy

The shaman academy Hip hop recording class will teach you the basic skills needed to become a shaman. This course is held at the Spirit Gate Retreat in Peru. The class is taught in a circle so that you can get an in-depth experience teaching you all the basic steps required to become a shaman. Once you complete the program, you will learn how to become a shaman using the tools you have been taught. This class can be quite challenging but it is definitely worth it!

The length of the class is eight: 35 and was taught in 2021. As of today, this class is not nearly as popular as some other music out there. However, it should still be played at least once by every member of your family! There are many videos from this class available on YouTube. In fact, depending on the video analysis, Shaman Academy really is a pretty danceable tune and should definitely be played at your next big party!

The First Recording Class of Shamanic Technique

This is the first recording class in the series. Dr. Carlos Arenas will take you through each week on basic shaman techniques. He will also explain how he uses sound and light to create new worlds and realities with our minds. Throughout this week, you will also learn about the importance of meditation and what you need to do to prepare yourself for recording sessions. Also, Dr. Arenas will demonstrate several shaman rituals in this recording.

This is an advanced shaman learning experience. Dr. Arenas will introduce you to the practice of learning about the spiritual energy called "Aura" and how this energy affects your body, mind, and soul. Through the week, you will also learn about how the process of aging affects your physical body and the importance of staying healthy.

Performing an Actual Shamanic Session

During the last week of the course, you will be required to perform an actual shamanic session in the office of Dr. Arenas. You will be put into a meditative state and he will teach you how to properly talk to and connect with the shamanic energy. Dr. Arenas will guide you through the process of becoming totally in tune with all of it. During this process, you will also learn about the use of sound healing and how this applies to shamanic practices.

This course is broken down into three main parts. The first of these is the basics of shamanism. Following this is the process of learning about the Aura and how it affects your physical body. Once you have a good understanding of these concepts, you will move on to learning the skills associated with shamanic journeying. This is followed by the use of sound healing and how it relates to shamanic techniques.

The Third and Final Part of the Shamanic Technique

The third and final part of the learning process is learning how to make a shamanic trance. Once you are able to get into a true state of trance, you will be able to communicate with the shaman realms without any interruption. This is done by having an open mind and just letting things and ideas come into your mind. Dr. Arenas and his team have spent many years researching the ways in which you can become a full-fledged shaman and they have found this process to be extremely easy. Because of this, every student at the Shaman Academy must begin the process by learning these three steps.

This type of learning is very diverse. There are a variety of different methods that you can learn how to become a shaman and each individual class focuses on a specific path that leads to the attainment of a higher level of spiritual awareness. By taking the entire course, you can see where you stand in relation to this goal. Once you have reached the goals set forth for you at the Academy, you will be ready to fully engage yourself in the world of shamanic practice.


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