FSD India- The Worldwide Leader In F&B Consulting, Design, And Safety For Hospitality Sectors


FSD India- the worldwide leader in F&B consulting, design, and safety for hospitality sectors

Building a top-notch hospitality facility such as a hotel or a restaurant requires the advice and suggestions of the best hospitality consulting services agencies and companies. With the rise in trend for people eating out or spending out there have are some worldwide famous restaurant, hotels and bra chains.

And this trend is expected to rise in the future only. With such high intense drive in this industry, you can venture into this industry inthe hope of getting multibagger returns out of your investment.

When it comes to establishing a hotel or a restaurant one company has been providing excellence in experience and skill required to establish the best modern hospitality spaces.

FSD India is having experience of more than two decades of helping clients establish a posh restaurant or hotel. It provides commercial kitchen setup services along with helping business owners to help in planning, constructing, and decorating the interiors. 

Here is how you can expect to get help from this company-

Get experts to help regarding the commercial planning and setup of your facility

During the setup of any commercial hospitality facility, you will want to have hotel consulting services help you out.  And this is what the engineers, safety experts, architects, and interior designers in FSD India excel at.

With a huge experience in already helping many large and small players such as restaurants, hotels, commercial kitchens, and other spaces it has the required experience to help you build a posh facility with a modern unique touch equipped with all facilities.

Establish a highly modern facility equipped with high tech security features

Security of your facility be it a restaurant, hotel, commercial kitchen or cafeteria is of prime importance. With the help of the company’s safety experts and leading safety designers, you will be able to install modern technical systems for ensuring the safety of your facility.

These include ensuring proper ventilation, smoke detectors, and fire suppressant systems, electric short circuit preventing systems, and other things. 

Luxury and comfort at the next level

While planning for the interiors of your facility the hospitality consulting services including FSD India can guide you with expert professionals. Give a modern unique touch or blend through different styles as far as the interior decoration is considered.

With this, you are going to get a highly luxurious comfortable space where your guests and customers will love coming to and thus grow your income.

Get all this within your budget

You can now ensure commercial kitchen setup or building a new hotel or restaurant within your budget. The experienced financial consultants will be properly guiding you throughout your project to give you an estimated cost and return outflow.

With various alternatives being informed to you right at the start you can go in with a design and look that matches your budget and needs.

Company information-

FSD India is a leading commercial hospitality facility designer and planner. It also serves as an F&B consultant.

A-2, 3rd floor, Shopping Center,

Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-2,

New Delhi- 110028

Contact information-

+91-1143157300/ +91-9717288853

Email- design@fsdindia.com


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