In Regard To Our System"working Good As OSRS Gold Is


In regard to our system"working good as OSRS Gold is

In regard to our system"working good as OSRS Gold is," we are aware that it is not perfect, but there is not necessarily a solution that satisfies issues from all perspectives. Also, there are other issues taking up our time, and we are just volunteers here, thus we don't always have the time to devote to tackle some of the smaller issues. My previous remarks were meant to clarify the situation stands as it currently does for the specific issues mentioned, not describe why things will not change.

The vast majority of consumers view the subreddits as being independent anyway ( runescape = RS3 and 2007 runescape = OSRS), therefore this isn't something we have had to address prominently since the volume of OSRS-related admissions here is minimal. 1 complication with post filtering is it can't be assumed users will always use standards in a post that will visit a filter as it isn't necessarily the case. AutoModerator filters based on particular standards, so building an accurate list that is only specific to what you are trying to capture is not always possible.

Some users know the way to intentionally bypass filters, which makes them worthless, and if we make a filter overly broad, more posts are filtered than warranted. This creates more frustration for users and more work for us while we would like to avoid over-moderating. We might look in to attempting to revive a filter to get phishing email inquiries, but that is a thing for us to talk privately amongst the mod team. The previous filter was unable to accomplish what was desired at the moment, so it was disabled for now. These articles do share an overlap with other filters in our subreddit, therefore some of them are removed for different reasons.

To explain on the previous sentence out of my previous comment, general, this subreddit is for Runescape's community, and as subreddit mods, we'd rather our presence be minimal. We don't wish to be in the spotlight for driving community discussion. While some other subreddits might have an extremely visible mod presence, that is not something we are considering.

I really don't think anybody in any capacity expects a plug and play solution nor expects anyone in the mod team to break their spine for no pay. Filters require maintenance to correctly function, take spam filters for e-mail; that's decades of work to be certain the Nigerian prince doesn't make it into your inbox and hell sometimes it still doesn't work, occasionally my 2FA winds up in spam, but we still don't delete a spam filter. I just want to explain that I'm not talking you at some presser or something just having a dialog.

I believe this just reinforces not only the debate for having an Automod notify potential new posters of the'gentleman's agreement', or even officially separating them. You've got a virtual'desire path' going on where your neighborhood has made a decision to segregate the content, do not you feel you should listen to them? These are all growing aches and nothing that can't be sorted out with time, its one thing to say that nobody has the drive or capacity to maintain a filter right now but don't make it out to be an impossible effort. In addition, I feel like I am in a soviet court house and the bailiff was just told to take the man who jaywalked, bro you do not have to delete OSRS or phishing posts in this case simply have automod remark on Buy Old School RS Gold it with information pointing people in the ideal direction.


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