The Problem Is That The Mentality That Makes It Possible For This Type Of Planet Pvp To Thrive


The problem is that the mentality that makes it possible for this type of planet pvp to thrive

The problem is that the mentality that makes it possible for this type of planet pvp to thrive (people keen to help out, groups of bored WOW players looking for novel stuff to do, etc...) Is getting sexier and sexier. And people generally understand what they want to do, how they wish to do it, and they are not that curious about buy classic gold wow anymore. They won't disrupt whatever they are doing, they have played in world pvpthey know exactly what it is and they have their own ideas of how it'll turn out, and WOW Classic doesn't provide a great deal of incentive towards world pvp concerning rewards (that are, sadly, a significant matter for a lot players now ).

I believe a root cause of this problem (outside of blizzards initial server demand estimate fuck up) was too much overemphasis on the excellence of PvP servers out of people who played personal servers, streamers, or that were try hard WOW players and this caused much too many casuals who would have been better off satisfied to a PvE server having an experience very similar to what you mentioned to instead roll PvP because that is what they believed was"the cool thing to do." Then when these WOW players could not endure the heat of p2 as well as the lengths attempt hard WOW players goes to (and I don't fault themplaying casually in those circumstances could not have been fun) they began to whine of blizzard, Blizzard responded with poorly thought out, rather honestly crap solutions, these WOW players left and umsubbed and thus faction imbalances and the cascade of perishing servers were made.

I think Stalagg is good proof of this, it had been the other server than Herod which has been adopted from the reddit community and I believe OP's post basically details what I claimed. I believe it would've been fascinating to have servers stratified by perceived player skill/dedication tags from the start as well as the rulesets ie PvP, PvE etc.. I think if far more WOW players had just rolled PvE or rolled a Casual tagged server similar to what you did from the start the entire server health and overall player pleasure would be far better. All this with the caveat assuming Blizzard would have made an estimate somewhere within the same zip code of the actual demand and released an appropriate number of servers originally of course.

I believe the problem is systematic. Vanilla had several mechanisms that encouraged planet pvp and involvement, but I believe you have seen its effect on a min maxed mindset. Unless you find a group of people who pvp I think sadly, and nothing else. Adding raiding as a secondary item (because who needs wbuffs to clear content actually ). You will have this situation. Why do you believe that in TBC, wbuffs ware removed, and wbosses were largely removed esp later on. With PvP being moved to instanced affairs that tries to make things honest and not cause people to fear migrate as a result of imbalance in the overworld. But they had to come up with things such as WoD farmville and the MoP farm together with modifications to careers and raid consumes like feasts and flask cauldrons.

I believe sadly, you need to select, both your guild is willing to move without wbuffs and function as little faction on a majority enemy faction server to PvP buy old school runescape gold. Or you reside in a PvE server not or, either with or without. Or as you say, to bypass servers when the week AQ40 pvp server is understood.


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