How Do I Fix HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working Problem?


How Do I Fix HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working Problem?

HP laptops have evolved from bulky boring machinery to sleek, stylish, and high-performance monsters. Such a huge improvement has led to an increase in sales and large trust build amongst the users for hp laptop support. However, still, there is a couple of instances where the users have reported their HP laptop keyboard not working and despite trying a couple of troubleshooting steps their laptop’s keys remained locked.

Why your laptop’s keys aren't working? Whether some keys not performing on HP laptop or keyboard isn't typing any letter? Whatever is that the problem together with your laptop keyboard, we've got you covered here during this blog you'll learn?

  • Reasons thanks to which your HP laptop keyboard isn't working.
  • Troubleshooting steps to revive HP laptop keyboard.

Why you’re HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working?

Well, it doesn’t just happen thanks to one reason, instead, tons of causes compels your HP laptop keyboard to breakdown. Let’s have a glance at the wildest possibilities thanks to which your laptop’s keyboard won't work.

Faulty keyboard drivers: which will be the primary and foremost reason triggering a mistake together with your laptop’s keyboard. Whenever you update the Windows to the newest version, it'd not support the prevailing laptop’s driver’s version hence causing the HP laptop keyboard not working problem.

Keyboard drivers are outdated: Another possibility might be an outdated keyboard driver. An easy fix would be to go to the hp laptop support number website and install the newest driver version.

Misconfigured laptop settings: Any mishandling during the keyboard setup process can also become a cause for HP laptop keyboard locked or not working problem.

Keyboard not working after a BIOS update: you would possibly have applied the BIOS update to your HP laptop. Therein also you would possibly face a drag together with your laptop, although, the matter resolves temporarily after rebooting the system.

HP Laptop is old or keys are damaged: just in case you're using those old fashioned HP laptops and your laptop’s keyword stops working then you shouldn’t be worried about it. See some laptop expert or replace it with a replacement machine. Also, if it seems that your laptop keypads are faulty then connect with a specialist for troubleshooting.

Connect With HP Laptop Experts to Revive the Keyboard

Besides, trying your hands on these fixes, you'll also attempt to clean the laptop keyboard. Blowing off the dust using from keypad provides amazing results. However, if the laptop keypad still doesn't respond even after cleaning the keyboard surface, then you want to see a laptop expert. Dial the hp desktop support team and obtain the HP laptop keyboard not working error fixed. The contact hp customer support team is out there 24/7 for prompt troubleshooting.

Our online support for hp laptop Open Toll-free number- 1-800-673-8163

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