How To Keep Bugs And Unwanted Intruders Out Of Your Home With Security Screens


How to keep bugs and unwanted intruders out of your home with security screens

All bugs and flying insects are annoying and many carry diseases. For most of us the mosquito is the mostpersistent and frustrating. We should use all means to stop them from entering our homes and get the latest design mosquito mesh Dubai installed. Just imagine how disgusting it would be that as soon as you opened up the window for some gentle breeze, you are seeing not just mosquitoes, but flies, bees, wasps and many other flying insects entering your home. The simplest solution to this problem is to get quality fly screens and fly screen door abu dhabi screens fixed on your doors and windows. With these safety screens you will be able to enjoy the cool evening breeze and at the same time keep the bugs out of your rooms.


Bugs and insects are found all over Dubai. The hot and humid climate of Dubai is quite favourable for insects and mosquitoes to breed. It’s hard for us to control the breeding and multiplication of insects and bugs outside our homes but it’s comparatively easier to stop them from entering our houses. Here we are stressing upon the use of mosquito net Dubai and fly screens because we believe that prevention is always better than cure. By prevention here, we mean using qualitysafety screenswhich are now available in Dubai. These are the perfectprevention rather than trying to use mosquito repellents, rackets, creams and sprays.



We are not saying that only prevention is important for fighting it out with the mosquitoes and bugs, the cure is also very important, but we can’t deny the fact that all these cures are actually poisonous chemicals which can be hazardous in the long run. Sowe would recommend prevention first through the use of quality screen doors and windows. 

If you already have those flimsy old fibreglass screens on your home we would suggest to replace them with the newly launched mosquito screens of Dubai. By the use of these safety screens, we can make our house safe from not only bugs but also from unwanted intruders. We have many reasons for suggesting the replacement of those old screen nets, let’s discuss a few.


The recently launched mesh screens of Dubai may appear like ordinary screens but they are manufactured using a stainless-steel mesh using advanced knitting technology. Each mesh passes through Australian Standard test to ensure its strength and durability. The Australian standard testing includes, impact test, knife test, salt spray test amongst others. 

Along with strength and durability they come with a triple lock system so they are 100% secure. These stainless-steel mesh do not tear so they not only prevent your family from bugs but also from unwanted intruders. 

These nets come with 10-year warranty which gives you piece of mind knowing they are designed to last. Once installed you don’t have to replace them for years, so they prove to be cost-effective in the long run. 

These nets also provide protection for kids as they are strong and prevent kids from falling out of a window of a high-rise apartment. 

They are also pet proof as cat’s or dog’s claw won’t damage them.



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So now you have enough reasons for replacing those outdated screens with quality stainless steel mesh screens from Safety Screens. 


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