Personally I Am Not Bothered With This


Personally I am not bothered with this

Official merch definitely doesn't have to Animal Crossing Bells be part of the subreddit. This ought to be a place to show things off we've created, both in and out of this game, and also to go over the game as a whole. By definition, official merch isn't made by community members, and the only effort involved with making a post about it is taking the picture.

Just lots more common occurrences. Because still another player is having the"hating pineapple on pizza is cool" conversation. And while it's mostly not an issue because winter is pretty much over, I got reeeeeal sick of seeing screenshots of misshapen snowboys stating"What. Is. Going. On." Yeah convinced that was amusing that the first 10 times it happened in early December.


Personally I am not bothered with this. I like knowing what's coming so I can best prepare for this. The only thing that disturbs me about time-traveling is when somebody posts about"finally" achieving something that's ONLY possible through time-travel, such as getting all the zodiac products, but we are pretty much beyond the point of Buy Nook Miles Ticket being an issue now.


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