What I Love About The Bills Is They Aren't Even Letting Teams


What I love about the Bills is they aren't even letting teams

With all due regard to the Packers, the AFC's No. 2 overall seed may very well be the second-best group from the NFL. The Bills crushed the Dolphins 56-26 in a game Miami needed for their playoff hopes. And Madden nfl 21 coins we didn't see a 30-point triumph coming, but it is based on what the Bills were doing to teams lately.

Buffalo has experienced a top-five scoring defense because Week 12. If not to the Hail Murray they would have finished to a 10-game win streak dating back to before Halloween.

And then there is Josh Allen. The third-year franchise quarterback has, in successive weeks, place the Bills single-season records for passing touchdowns and passing yards.

What I love about the Bills is they aren't even letting teams hang about. Since that Week 10 loss to the Cardinals, not a single team has completed within a possession of their Bills.

I go back to that Week 6 loss to the Chiefs. Head coach Sean McDermott picked his poison and let the Chiefs' run game defeat them up to ensure Patrick Mahomes would not. But with approximately 5 minutes left in the match and down 23-17, the Bills forced a Clyde Edwards-Helaire fumble that could have given the Bills the ball at the Kansas City 31.

They would have had a chance to take the lead against the Chiefs there. But rather, the playoffs revealed Edwards-Helaire's knee was down just before the ball came out. Mahomes took the Chiefs down to the field goal and that provided the final margin of victory.

Allen is a better quarterback today than he had been then. The shield is playing much greater ball. And after crossing the Patriots and beating the likes of the Seahawks and Steelers, the Bills now know how to win big games.

We should anticipate that drought ends next weekend, and I believe they will get for their first AFC Championship Game since the 1993 season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will need to commit a top-64 draft pick on a quarterback that spring. They strove to get away with stealing Mason Rudolph from the third round of this 2018 draft and there's been little to inspire confidence that he can captain this group when Ben Roethlisberger is unavailable. Couple Roethlisberger's injury history and it's a no-brainer that the Steelers have to devote capital to this place in the coming months. Lamar Jackson became the first quarterback in NFL history to have consecutive seasons of 1,000-plus rushing yards. Do you understand how crazy that is? Xavien Howard picked off his 10th overhaul of the season, something which hasn't been done since 2007. This league protects quarterbacks and receivers, and buy mut coins madden 21 so it is harder than ever to intercept passers. Entering Week 17, the interception speed was at a post-merger reduced of 2.15%. Howard should add an All-Pro honour to his Pro Bowl honor from this year.


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