12 Minute Affiliate Review By Real Member - Response


12 minute affiliate review by real member - response

12 minutes affiliate

Hey It's Jeff, so I heard about this 12 minutes affiliate program from Devon Brown (great guy, met him in Vegas in August!) And I had to do a search to get more information online.

I was a bit surprised to learn that NOBODY had created a 12-minute affiliate "review" that actually tried the program - but they were only creating fake reviews based on what they found about the program online.

12 Minute Affiliate Review

Funny enough, Yes 4, and many below them (including a website called "No BS I’m Review, which is actually quite fun because 99% of their reviews are 100% BS", LOL) all share at least two common traits. We do:

They never tried to associate 12 minutes, yet they think they are qualified to "review it" and will tell you their "honest thoughts".

They are members of an online training program known for teaching that they conduct mock reviews on their competitors, and recommend the THEIR program instead (which they all do).

(I still don't see how you can "review" a 12 minute affiliate or any product without trying the product itself, but it's probably me that has been doing the wrong way all these years? LOL)

Anyway, I hope this is fine with you if I break the cycle and actually have TRY 12 minute affiliate before leaving a review? (Honesty is a crazy concept, okay?)


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